Greens propose a new approach to reducing homelessness in MK using Zero Energy Design houses

12 March 2017

Alan Francis from Milton Keynes Green Party was among about 100 people who attended the Milton Keynes Community Energy conference held at Chrysalis Theatre on Feb 25th. One of the speakers, Bill Dunster of Zedfactory, talked about ZED Pods. These are zero energy homes that can be built quickly and cheaply above parking spaces in public car parks.

MK Council leader Pete Marland and Alan Francis took part in the last panel session at the conference. Alan Francis suggested that Milton Keynes Council should install some ZED Pods above some of the parking spaces in CMK. CMK has more than 25,000 car parking spaces. The pods are assembled off-site in a factory unit and installed with a fork lift.

Alan Francis said, "We have a housing crisis here in Milton Keynes with many people homeless or in temporary accommodation. We also have thousands of car parking spaces and need to reduce our carbon emissions. ZED Pods would provide housing, reduce carbon emissions and still leave cars able to park beneath the Pods. The Pods can be built quickly and can be moved if the site they are on is to be redeveloped. They would help tackle our housing and environmental problems. MK Council should urgently investigate installing ZED Pods in CMK."

Alan Francis repeated his challenge to MK Council in a question to the Council Leader at the Cabinet meeting on March 7th. He asked "Will the council investigate installing some ZED Pods in CMK to urgently provide homes for single people, many of whom who would otherwise be rough sleeping or sofa surfing?"

In reply to his question Council Leader Pete Marland said that he had got onto the issue first thing on the Monday morning after the Community Energy conference. He asked senior council officers to contact Zedfactory which they have done and they have set up a meeting to take place soon.

Alan, having previously been involved in a number of housing and energy reduction projects in Milton Keynes, also offered to assist with the project.

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