Canvassing has ended for the MK local elections on Thu 03/05/2018

5 May 2018

We hope all our members and supporters voted for one of our Green Party candidates despite the total unfairness of our First Past The Post electoral system.

Your vote for a Green candidate showed your support for doing things in a different way!

The Green Party and its candidates are truly independent.  We don't take sponsorship or do deals with any business groups and so we can truly represent OUR VOTERS.  

Green councillors make decisions and vote according to the merits of an issue.

  • How will changes impact the environment?  
  • Is the new policy sustainable?  
  • Are local people going to benefit rather than distant sharholders or financiers?  
  • How will "the common good" be maintained or improved?

Take a look at our MK Greens Facebook page to see us out leafletting and canvassing. 

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