MK Greens maintain third place in Bletchley East By-Election

22 July 2018

Jo Breen, who was our Green Party candidate in the Bletchley East Ward in May’s local government election, stood again for us in the by-election on 19th July. Despite a short run-in time to the election, which was caused by the unexpected retirement of Labour councillor Alan Webb, we were able to deliver leaflets and canvass across the ward.

The count was held on Friday morning, 20/07/2018 at the council offices and we had a good Green Party presence there. We’re pleased to say that we kept our third position, receiving more votes that the Lib Dem and UKIP candidates. Emily Darlington held the seat for Labour. 

 Jo thanked all her supporters and said:

‘It has been an honour to stand once again for the Green Party in Bletchley East. I’ve gained a better understanding of the residents of my home ward and the issues we face. I am certain that the Greens have much to offer the electorate here and hope to continue to build on the support we have gained. ‘

The voter turnout overall was low, but we feel the result has provided us with some useful lessons for future action.

You can find the full results by selecting the link for the results file for the Bletchley East by-election.

We will now be working towards next year’s (2019) council elections and will be asking for your help with some of our campaigning for this and other Green Party issues over the year.

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