MK Green Party joins opposition to Expressway plan

17 September 2018


Press Notice - 17.9.18

MK Green Party joins opposition to Expressway plan 

Alan Francis, representing Milton KeynesGreen Party, was one of the speakers at the launch of the No Expressway Alliance in Oxford on Friday (1). The launch followed the government’s announcement last week that it had chosen corridor B, via Winslow, for the Expressway (2). 

Alan Francis said, “The Green Partyopposes the planned East-West Expressway between Cambridge and Oxford via Milton Keynes.The most likely route in the MK area is to pass close to Newton Longville, Lakes Estate, Bow Brickhill, Woburn Sands and Aspley Guise (3). It would create more traffic, not just on the Expressway, but on local roads that feed into it. And this would also mean more noise and pollution for people living in the area and more CO2 emissions.

It would inevitably lead to some houses being demolished and will hold up the proposed major housing development between Bow Brickhill and Woburn Sands.”

As well as representatives from the Green Partyand Friends of the Earth, Labour and Lib Dem councillors from Oxfordshire also spoke in opposition to the Expressway at the launch and a Conservative councillor sent a message of support for the campaign. Mr Francis pointed out that while Labour, Lib Dem and Tory councillors from Oxfordshire opposed the Expressway every single Milton Keynes councillor, from all three parties, supported the Expressway when it was discussed earlier this year. Mr Francis added,

“It is a shame that the Milton Keynes councillors seem to be out of line with their colleagues in Oxfordshire. I hope that they will change their minds and oppose the Expressway to stop this destructive road being built through Milton Keynes.”

The only voice against the Expressway when Milton Keynes Council discussed it in January this year came from Mr Francis.



1.The No Expressway Alliance is an alliance of councils and campaign groups opposed to the Oxford-Cambridge


3. The most likely route for the Expressway through the south of Milton Keynes is for it to follow close to the Marston Vale railway line from M1 J13 to the A5 and then follow the existing A4146 to the beginning of the Stoke Hammond bypass.


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