Local elections in Milton Keynes - Thursday 2nd May 2019

30 April 2019

Local elections for Milton Keynes Council will be held on Thurs 02/05/2019 across the city. The Green Partyis presenting candidates in all of the 19 wards so that voters have a genuine choice. Ten of our candidates live in the wards where they are standing for election and all the candidates are MK residents. 

Since MK Council declared a Climate Emergency we will need councillors who truly understand that business as usual is not going to reduce our carbon emissions!

Vote Green to ensure that MK Council are constantly asked to assess every policy and all spending in terms of carbon emissions. The warnings have been in the national press for the last 40 years - the science is clearer than ever, we must act now.

Bletchley East

Johanna Breen (lives in the  ward)

Bletchley Park

Michael Sheppard (lives in the  ward)

Bletchley West

Joe French


Colin Weaving


Alex Price (lives in the  ward)

Campbell Park & Old


Carol Barac (lives in the  ward)

Central Milton Keynes

Hilarie Bowman

Danesborough & Walton

Peter Skelton (lives in the  ward)

Loughton & Shenley

Gill Kirkup


James Hadfield

Newport Pagnell &


Dan Rowland

Newport Pagnell South

Helen denDulk


Catherine Rose (lives in the  ward)

Shenley Brook End

Derek Heath (lives in the  ward)


Peter Edwards (lives in the  ward)

Stony Stratford

Peter Hughes


Lucy Bjork (lives in the  ward)


Alan Francis (lives in the  ward)

Woughton & Fishermead

Sue Payne

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