Why vote for your Green Party candidate?

1 May 2019

A vote for the Green Party in Thursday’s election is a vote for a fresh perspective on Milton Keynes .
We will aim to promote imaginative policies to ensure that all MK citizens, whether young, old, rich, poor, will be able to access local services. We will seek improvements to public transport provision and facilities for pedestrian and cycle travel with a much needed review of the Redways. We are also keen to uphold MK’s long standing tradition of maintaining and developing green spaces for its citizens. We would support local businesses and will continue to promote the vibrant arts scene within our city.
At a time of heightened anxiety about climate change, we take seriously the recent MK Council motion on Climate Emergency and will be actively and urgently seeking ways that MK Council can reduce its carbon footprint, and enable citizens and local businesses to do the same.
A Green presence on the council would bring much-needed scrutiny to the cosy consensus  between the main parties over developments such as MK expansion and the East-West Expressway, about which we have serious concerns, especially on the impact for the people of Bletchley, Newton Leys, Fenny Stratford, Water Eaton and Woburn Sands.
Up and down the country, green councillors have had a decisive, positive influence on councils where they have been elected, by bringing an alternative and creative view to local politics, and listening actively to the concerns of their citizens. We urge voters to see this for themselves by adding a Green voice to Milton Keynes.
Brexit has been a hugely divisive issue and people have told us on the doorstep that they are fed up with the shambles created by Tories and Labour. Greens are committed to a Peoples Vote and support remaining in the EU.

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