Milton Keynes Green Party policies for social care

2 May 2019

MK GP Policies for Social Care

We are aware of the pressure that MK council – and all councils have been under due to central government austerity policies to continue to provide social care services.

The Green Party understands the importance of community and social capital in the health of individuals and families. Although we appreciate that the Council is under pressure to focus on statutory services, it is well understood that the provision of social infrastructure reduces the proportion of the population who end up needing statutory services.  

Social infrastructure includes things like affordable public transport, and access to safe public spaces like libraries and community spaces; these reduce isolation, especially among the poorer and older members of our city and women of all ages who have always had less access to private transport, and also allow us to spend more time in mutual support.

Because of their traditional role in the family and society, women in particular have borne the extra burdens of care that have come with austerity and the reduction of care services at all stages of life

  • Provide more affordable social housing to reduce waiting lists and homelessness

  • Person-centred care, designed to suit the individual, not the system

  • Better cooperation between NHS and Social services

  • Improve public health by more information about diet and exercise

  • Provide services, meals on wheels, etc to enable older people to stay in their own homes as long as they wish to do so

  • Protect public services that are under threat from the government’s austerity programme

  • Challenge the reduction in central government funding for MKC which has led to cuts in services

  • Children should be able to attend the nearest school to their home

  • Offer to provide a free lunch in all state schools every school day to every pupil

  • Provide more youth services

  • Protect schools, libraries, post offices and other local services from cuts, closures and privatisation

  • Restore funding for Family Centres to 2010 level

  • Ensure that all budget decisions go through thorough Equality Impact Assessments

  • Support the voluntary sector

  • Give more support to services countering domestic abuse, forced marriage and FGM

  • Provide mental health support for young people, including positive activities to aid mental health such as sports, arts, clubs, access to outdoor spaces, and facilities

  • Continue to fight for equal rights for disadvantaged and minority groups

  • Oppose privatisation of NHS and fund it properly

  • Fight for social justice, offering support and advice to those who are being affected by benefit cuts and Universal Credit. The UK is the 6th wealthiest country in the world. Its citizens should not have to depend on Food Banks simply to stay alive.

  • The government should introduce a Basic Income scheme. This is a guaranteed, non-means tested payment to every man, woman and child, that replaces most existing benefits and tax allowances. It would provide enough for people to live on and enable people to work without being caught in the poverty trap.

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