Thoughts about voting Green in the local elections

2 May 2019

1. History would suggest that you won't be winning any seats in May, so why should people vote Green on May 2? How can you turn history around?
It's true that the first past the post voting system makes it difficult for smaller parties to win seats. But there is widespread disillusion with the main parties at the moment.   Greens are winning council seats all over the country so why not here? Green Councillors bring fresh and independent thinking to their councils. If everyone who supports our policies votes for us we can win seats in MK too.

2. If the Green Party win seats in May, what would be the first thing that green councillors will do - is there any particular policy that you would be pressing for? How would a Green MK Council be different? 

We would be pushing for a radical programme of investment in public transport, housing and renewable energy which will both save residents money in the long run and do our part to tackle climate change.

3. Would Green councillors see themselves automatically as being in opposition, or as part of a partnership?
We wouldn’t go into coalition with another party, as the strength of Green councillors is often their independence, but we would consider a ‘confidence and supply’ arrangement. MK Council has been run on that basis for the last few years.

4. Are there any other parties that you would not work with?

On other UK councils Green Councillors have worked with other parties over specific issues. We are a party which values working with all who share our goals of building a fairer and more sustainable society in collaboration with our friends around the world.  Clearly any party that supports a hard Brexit and denies climate change would fall short in that regard.

5. Has there been a Brexit affect on the doorstep? Is your anti-Brexit position a help or a hindrance to your chances of winning?
Ever since the 2016 referendum the Green Party position has been to support a second referendum once the actual terms of Brexit were known. With the deadlock in Parliament we are finding that more and more people are now supporting a Peoples Vote. Our pro-Remain position is a help because Conservatives and UKIP are pro Brexit and Labour is split. So that just leaves Greens and Lib Dems for the 50% of MK residents who want to remain in the EU.

6. Do you have any target seats? 
We have areas where we hope for strong results, but we are standing in every ward to give every voter the chance to break open the status quo in MK.

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