So how did the Greens do in the 2019 local elections?

7 May 2019

Alan Francis for Milton Keynes Green Party considers the results locally and what they mean for the future... 

The overall feel was that pro-Remain parties, Green and Lib Dem, did better and Brexit parties did worse.

The Green vote doubled compared to last year, 2018.  We also had 4 wards with over 15% of the vote: Bletchley East, Danesborough, Wolverton and Central Milton Keynes.

In fact, Greens beat the Lib Dems in 9 out of 19 seats - roughly half.  Greens came second in Danesborough and third in 7 other wards.  This puts the Green Party in a good position to win seats next year. 
If we had a fairer, more proportional voting system, our 9.7% of all the votes in Milton Keynes would have given us 2 seats out of the 19, giving 5 or 6 on the whole council.
Nationally the Green Party gained 194 seats on 50 new councils, more than doubling the number of councillors that we have.  Milton Keynes Green Party hopes to be joining them next year.

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