Critical Mass bike rides in Milton Keynes

3 August 2019

Critical Mass rides are coming to Milton Keynes

The first ride will be on Sat 03/08/2019 starting from Station Square at 10:30 and circling around the shopping centre. 

The world-wide phenomenon of Critical Mass bike rides is coming to Milton Keynes.

The idea is that further regular rides will occur on the last Saturday of each month to bring attention to the fact that our roads are shared spaces

  • Do you ride a bike around the MK area?  
  • Would you like to ride a bike in MK but feel intimidated by all the other vehicles?
  • Are you wary of distracted drivers who so regularly don't see cyclists and pedestrians?
  • Join in with the Critical Mass rides for a gentle ride with a block of like-minded road users.  

Fitness is not a problem - the pace is gentle; it's free to join in; you'll get such a great sense of being part of a friendly, mass-movement.

For further information about Critical Mass rides in MK will follow soon.  

For background information take a look at the Critical Mass Cycling Wikipedia entry

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