MK Green Party selects General Election candidates

20 October 2019

Milton Keynes Green Party has announced that in the next general election Catherine Rose will represent the Green Party in Milton Keynes North and Alan Francis will stand for Milton Keynes South.

Both candidates are long time Milton Keynes residents with a commitment to campaigning on environmental issues.

Catherine Rose

Catherine Rose is an arts education manager and musician who has lived in Olney for over 30 years. As a member of Olney Sustainable Futures, she spearheaded the local movement to persuade Olney Town Council to declare a Climate Emergency and is part of OTC's Climate Working Group.

Catherine Rose said, 

I am honoured to become the Green Party's Parliamentary Candidate for Milton Keynes North. Having lived and worked in the constituency for well over 30 years, I am committed to improving in the lives of all Milton Keynes residents.

I also aim to strengthen the Green Party's voice at local and national level to address the crises we currently face.

At the heart of that improvement must be equality, justice and the environment. The Green vision is one of fairness and the will to make the changes that will secure our future.

For Milton Keynes, this means pursuing action to combat climate change and developing a Green New Deal to provide sustainable jobs, housing, education and healthcare.

Some of the changes are simple, while some require a radical re-thinking of the way we do things. The Green Party is ready to meet those challenges.

Alan Francis

Alan Francis has lived and worked in Milton Keynes for over 30 years. He was Research Fellow for Computer Graphics at the Open University and has been a transport consultant.

He has been a Green Party candidate for Milton Keynes in previous general elections and is a member of New Bradwell Parish Council. He has campaigned for the East West Rail Link and against the East West Expressway and has opposed large-scale housing developments on greenfield sites around Milton Keynes.

Alan Francis said, 

I am delighted to be selected as the Green Party candidate for  Milton Keynes South.

The Green Party has experienced a surge of support this year with more councillors and MEPs elected than ever. This election will be mainly about Brexit, the Climate Emergency and Tory cuts to public services.

I have consistently opposed Brexit and spoken at several local events opposing Brexit and supporting a Peoples’ Vote.

I have campaigned about climate change for decades, frequently raising the issue at council meetings. Now that both the government and Milton Keynes council have declared a Climate Emergency we must urgently put in place policies to ensure that the health of the planet is protected.

The Tory cuts over the last decade have had a disastrous affect on lots of MK residents, leading to more poverty and homelessness. We must reverse the cuts and create a more equal society where everyone has access to basics such as food and a home.

Popular Green Party policies include:

  • Peoples’ Vote and remaining in the EU
  • Halting the austerity cuts that are hurting everyone except the super-rich 
  • Keeping the NHS in public hands
  • Bringing the railways back into public ownership 
  • Keeping education free for all and scrapping tuition fees
  • Taking action on climate change to protect our planet

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