Press release - Green Party launches Manifesto

19 November 2019

Green Party's 2019 Manifesto 

Today the Green Party has published its manifesto for the general election being held on December 12th. Entitled “If Not Now, When?” The manifesto sets out a radical programme to transform the country

Catherine Rose will represent the Green Party in Milton Keynes North and Alan Francis will represent the Green Party in Milton Keynes South. Both are long-time Milton Keynes residents with a commitment to campaigning on environmental issues.

The Greens have already been successful this year, doubling the number of councillors and MEPs in elections in May, and are looking to win more MPs in this election.

Catherine Rose, Green Party candidate for Milton Keynes North, said,

“Equality, justice and the environment are at the heart of our manifesto. The Green vision is one of fairness and the will to make the changes that will secure our future.

For Milton Keynes, this means pursuing action to combat climate change and developing a Green New Deal to provide sustainable jobs, housing, education and healthcare.

Some of the changes are simple, while some require a radical re-thinking of the way we do things. The Green Party is ready to meet those challenges.” 

Alan Francis, Green Party candidate for Milton Keynes South, said, 

“Key issues at this election will be Brexit, the Climate Emergency and Tory cuts to public services. The Green Party manifesto addresses all of these. Greens are completely opposed to Brexit, which would damage our economy, and support a Peoples’ Vote.

Greens have the most ambitious policies to tackle the Climate Emergency. We must urgently implement these to ensure that the health of the planet, on which we all depend, is protected.

The Tory cuts over the last decade have had a disastrous affect on lots of MK residents, leading to more poverty and homelessness.

Greens would reverse the cuts and create a more equal society where everyone has access to basics such as food, healthcare and a home.”

The centrepiece of the manifesto is the Green New Deal, a plan to transform the economic, political and social system to tackle the climate emergency and create a fair and equal society.

The full list of Bills the Greens will pledge to put forward in the next Parliament are:

· Green New Deal Bill - to get the UK on track to reducing climate emissions to net zero by 2030.

· People’s Vote Bill - to give people a chance to vote on the future of our relationship with the European Union

· NHS Reinstatement Bill - to increase funding for the NHS by at least £6 billion per year each year, until 2030, and a further £1 billion a year in nursing higher education.

· Further and Higher Education Bill - to fund tuition for every higher education student and scrap undergraduate tuition fees.

· Sustainable Economy Bill - to set new binding targets to ensure our economy functions within environmental limits.

· Future Generations Bill - to require public bodies, including the UK government, to balance the needs of the present with the needs of the future.

· Universal Basic Income Bill - to transform our social welfare system with a phased-in unconditional payment to everyone at a level above their subsistence needs.

· New Homes Bill - to end the housing crisis by creating the legislative framework to build 100,000 new zero carbon homes for social rent each year.

· Renters’ Rights Bill - to transform the lives of renters across the country, making housing more secure and bringing rent levels down, especially in places where they currently far outstrip incomes.

· Voting Reform Bill - to replace the archaic first past the post voting system with proportional representation, create a fully elected House of Lords, and extend the vote to those aged 16 and 17.

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Green Party's 2019 Manifesto


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