Green Party General Election manifesto

19 November 2019

Greens warn: this election is last chance to stop climate change

The Green Party puts the climate emergency at the heart of its radical manifesto based on economic equality.  
In a radical and transformative manifesto, the Green Party warns that this may be the last General Election where voters can support a party with a realistic chance of stopping runaway climate change.
The Green Party's manifesto: The Green New Deal - unleashing a Green economic and social revolution

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Catherine Rose

Membership officer

Sue Payne


Vanessa Skelton

Press officer

Alan Francis

South-East policy officer

Alan Francis

Election returning officer (internal to Green Party)

Dr Peter Skelton

Election returning officer for MK elections

Dr Gill Kirkup

Campaign manager

Dr Gill Kirkup

Campaign organiser

Andrew Tinson

Social Media officer

Dan Rowland

Events coordinator

Dan Rowland

Website officers

Colin Weaving and Andrew Tinson


Membership secretary

Deputy election returning officer

Second nominating officer/Election agent