MK Green candidates shine at the Extinction Rebellion Climate hustings

11 December 2019

In a session characterised by the no show of several candidates (The Conservatives in particular) and an obvious lack of understanding of the issues by others, MK Greens were able to give a clear exposition of the issues to be addressed and solutions offered by the party.

Alan, having been campaigning on climate issues for several decades, often had to lead the candidates responses to questions from the floor because the other candidates were not as familiar with the issues. He stated that the Green Party was the only party committed to carbon neutrality by 2030, which is what the UN IPCC says is needed to avoid climate chaos.  He also talked about better insulation for homes, better public transport, more tree planting and improving biodiversity.

Alan expressed his concerns about the HS2 project. While not as hostile to it as the Green Party policy of scrapping it, he made the point that if we are to change our ways of travelling then much increased north south rail capacity will be needed to get people out of their cars and onto public transport and to get freight off the roads


Catherine made some key contributions during her opening speech, pointing out that GDP is a much-used proxy metric for improvements to people’s standard of living, but it fails in this respect in that it does not address distribution of wealth in the economy. On the subject of plans for carbon neutrality Catherine re-emphasised the Green party commitment to 2030 as a target to achieve this- this is what the science dictates. However, she pointed out that the science is uncovering more details all the time, and stated that we all need to change our behaviour if we are to minimise the effects of climate change.

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