Milton Keynes general election candidates reflect on the election results

17 December 2019

Milton Keynes Green Party would like to say a big thank you to all who supported the Green candidates in Thursday's election. Thank you to all who voted and all who helped with the campaign. Thanks to donors, volunteers and those who cheered us on.


The Green Party candidates in both MK North and South increased their share of the vote, with 1931 votes for Catherine Rose in MK North and 1495 for Alan Francis in MK South. The party was able to bring the Green message to many people via leafletting across the whole of Milton Keynes and plenty of social media. The MK Green candidates attended eight hustings between them, and made a real impression, with audiences and their fellow candidates responding positively.


The Green Party increased its vote throughout the UK by 60%, retaining Brighton Pavilion and coming second in two key seats. The party also kept 20 deposits - a record. But the Greens 860,000 votes delivered just one MP. In contrast it took 50,817 to elect each Labour MP and 38,300 votes to elect each Conservative MP.


The general election has been used to try to answer a yes/no question, for or against Brexit. But a general election isn’t the right process to answer such a question. That sort of question is best answered by a yes/no referendum, which the Greens advocated. Pro-remain tactical voting, while suppressing the Green vote, still didn’t achieve its goal of getting a second referendum. 


47% of the people voted for pro-Brexit parties, and 53% for pro-2nd referendum parties, but distortion caused by First Past The Post voting system gave the pro-Brexit Tories an 80 seat majority. Proportional representation is urgently needed in the UK so that Parliament more accurately reflects the views of the country.


In an article in the Independent, Caroline Lucas, the re-elected Green Party MP, said, “Our political system is badly broken and has been letting down voters and our country for years. In fact, it’s been hijacked by the two main parties who are content to fight it out between each other for the lion’s share of seats, sweeping aside the wishes of all those voters who want something different. We are now paying the price for this. And it’s our children and the climate that will pay the highest price of all.”


Catherine Rose said: "We believed that this was the climate election, our chance to start turning around the damage done by carbon emissions and to begin repairing our environment. We know that many voters in Milton Keynes wanted to support this, and it's extremely frustrating that the system works against this. We haven't had the change we hoped for on a national level, but we can keep on working at the local level and build support for our message of tackling the climate emergency, for the sake of future generations. Milton Keynes Green Party will continue to fight to bring the climate emergency to the top of the agenda."


Alan Francis said: “This was my 10th general election and it has been like no other because of the focus on just one issue - Brexit.  The situation is now dire. We have a liar elected as PM, hatred and racism are on the rise, the planet is facing climate chaos and more people are living in poverty. It’s important for us to continue to stand up and speak out for our city, our country and our world. We owe that to the young and to those living in poverty. The MK Green Party will continue to try to meet these challenges.”


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