Jo Breen (Candidate for East Bletchley) addresses the Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council

9 January 2020

Jo Spoke for 3 minutes and made the following points:

  • On behalf of the Green Party, she welcomed the fact that the Town council wanted to support MKC’s initiative.
  • She made the point that successfully implementing carbon neutrality needs collaboration and contributions from all the stakeholders in the area, be they individuals, small/medium enterprises, large companies or the Town Council itself: all have their part to play.
  • Jo stated that although being carbon neutral by 2030 may seem daunting, the climate emergency demanded that we achieve it.
  • Jo closed by giving an example from her own experience, she highlighted that her employer (The Open University) had run an initiative over the Christmas break to turn off all PCs and electrical equipment. The resultant saving was estimated at 12 tonnes of carbon, and about £100K. This emphasised that point that being green is good for business and finance as well as for the environment.

Following discussion by the Town Council committee, they made the following commitments:

  • They agreed the need for collective action, as Jo suggested.
  • They supported MKC’s declaration and will offer ideas and commitment.
  • They accepted the need to establish a working group and to give it some funds to work with.


The subject of the proposed Oxford to Cambridge express way was also raised and the general feeling of the Council was that this was not a good idea, and that they should work with other community groups to oppose it, while supporting the East-West rail link.

A motion supporting all of the above was unanimously passed.



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