The Green Party's national Spring Conference will take place on 20th-22nd March in Brighton

5 February 2020

Conference is a great event to focus engagement with your local party - you can look at what's coming up on the policy agenda together, plan socials and look at what training you can access to take home to share, plus of course the all-important opportunity to network with your fellow greens in numerous social events

More details of events can be found at this address


Please note that the conference is open only to Green Party members. Not a member? Apply for membership here

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Your Local Greens


Catherine Rose

Membership officer

Sue Payne


Vanessa Skelton

Press officer

Alan Francis

South-East policy officer

Alan Francis

Election returning officer (internal to Green Party)

Dr Peter Skelton

Election returning officer for MK elections

Dr Gill Kirkup

Campaign manager

Dr Gill Kirkup

Campaign organiser

Andrew Tinson

Social Media officer

Dan Rowland

Events coordinator

Dan Rowland

Website officers

Colin Weaving and Andrew Tinson


Membership secretary

Deputy election returning officer

Second nominating officer/Election agent