Long-time Green Party activist attacks plans for wheelie bin roll out in Milton Keynes

17 February 2020

Alan Francis was very clear in his opposition to the trial of wheelie bins, 4 different coloured ones for every house, in selected areas in Milton Keynes as a replacement for the current black and clear bag system. His opposition is based on the following points

  • Milton Keynes Council had embarked on the trial with no prior consultation of the residents of the chosen areas or the parish councils that represent them. He pointed out that this is contrary to the parishes protocol
  • Many areas are incompatible with wheelie bins as the residents have no storage areas for them, and if they are left on the pavements 24/7, they will cause an obstruction. Alan pointed out that in some points there would be less than a metre of pavement free for pedestrians to pass, and that this would cause a challenge for buggies and wheelchair users.

Alan also insisted that all residents should have on opt out and he urged the council to agree to that option but they refused to do so.

The general implication for this proposal is that it has not been thought through from a resident’s perspective and needs some work to make it a feasible option for Milton Keynes

A full overview of the discussions can be found here

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