Response to MK Council’s consultation on Milton Keynes East Strategic Urban Extension 

May 3, 2022News

MK Green Party has responded to MK Council’s consultation on the Milton Keynes East Strategic Urban Extension. Alan Francis MKGP Policy Officer said, “ While we are opposed in principle to the expansion of MK onto greenfield sites around urban MK, we accept that MKE is in Plan MK and so cannot be objected to on that basis.

This outline application is premature because it is only for part of the MKE SUE. It should be deferred until there are outline applications for all parts of the SUE and then they should all be considered together. This application is dependent upon the other application, especially for transport, traffic and access, so cannot stand on its own. This application is hybrid, some parts are outline and some are full. It is not clear which parts are which. Some roads and redways appear to be outline only whereas others appear to be full. Some of the plans have been revised recently giving little time for comments to be made on them.

We also have objections to the provision of highways, Redways and bus and MRT facilities. MKGP is particularly concerned about the proposed diversion of V11 to be part of a new M1 crossing. See report for details.

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