Milton Keynes Greens call for greater financial support for independent businesses

06 May 2021

Axel Segebrecht: “Greens want independent businesses to be at the heart of a Green recovery”

Greens call for inquiry into government’s handling of Covid-19, one year on from start of lockdown

06 April 2021

The Green Party has called for a full public and judge-led inquiry into the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic on the one year anniversary of the first national lockdown (Tuesday 23 March).

MK Green Party delighted as EW Expressway is cancelled

18 March 2021

MK Green Party welcomes the announcement today (March 18th) by the Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps, that the East West Expressway has been cancelled. MK Green Party was the only political party in MK to oppose the Expressway when it was discussed by MK Council 3 years ago.

New Redway approved

20 August 2020

Milton Keynes Council has approved a new Redway from Newton Leys and the Lakes Estate to the Blue Lagoon and Bletchley Station

MKGP considers our outdated and discriminatory honours system

09 July 2020

MKGP is considering a proposal from one of our members about the honours system. The system is clearly outdated and seems even more insensitive and discriminatory than ever!

MKGP Proposals for recovery priorities, post-Covid-19 lockdown

09 July 2020

Getting the country going again is important, but only if we use the opportunity to create a fairer society and a carbon free economy!

Milton Keynes Green Party comments on MK Strategy for 2050 Draft for Engagement

03 July 2020

Milton Keynes Green Party has made a detailed review of the council's "Strategy for 2050 Draft for Engagement".

On Line Meeting for Milton Keynes Green Party members

01 April 2020

Due to the current Coronavirus restrictions, the regular monthly meeting has been moved online

Rainfall Rescue project needs assistance from Green Party members

26 March 2020

The Rainfall Rescue project is looking for help to digitise rainfall data from the 1820s through to the 1950s

Milton Kyenes Green Party statement on the East-West Expressway

12 March 2020

Alan Francis (Milton Keynes Green Party Spokesperson on transport) states the party's position on the pausing of work on the East-West Expressway in yesterday's budget.

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