MK Green Party welcomes the declaration of a Climate Emergency

28 January 2019

Green Party members speak with challenge and authority at MK Council meeting in support of the need to declare a Climate Emergency and the adopt the Sustainability Strategy.

Keeping Milton Keynes Green

16 November 2018

A chance to see "Make No Little Plans" - a film about the story of Milton Keynes; listen to a presentation about current plans for MK and offer your thoughts and insights into how the future of MK should be shaped. Also you will have the chance to view the Fawcett Society's display, "Women Who Made Milton Keynes", to find out more about Transition MK and the Green Party.

MK Green Party joins opposition to Expressway plan

17 September 2018

Alan Francis, representing Milton Keynes Green Party, was one of the speakers at the launch of the No Expressway Alliance in Oxford on Friday 14/09/2018. The launch followed the government’s announcement last week that it had chosen corridor B, via Winslow, for the Expressway. Follow the links at the end of this new item for further information and to join the No Expressway Alliance.

Molly Scott Cato argues that Virgin Care must be kept away from the NHS

07 August 2018

The creeping privatisation of our NHS continues with little scrutiny. Private companies like Virgin Care are taking on more NHS contracts even though they have an impressive record of failure to deliver. The Green Party is clear that our National Health Service is best delivered as a public service with publicly employed staff.

MK Greens maintain third place in Bletchley East By-Election

22 July 2018

Jo Breen stood again for us in the by-election on 19th July 2018. Despite a short run-in time to the election we were able to deliver leaflets and canvass across the ward.

MK Green Party supports an innovative approach to the housing crisis

19 June 2018

ZEDpod zero energy affordable homes are an exciting and innovative way of approaching the housing crisis.

Green Party announces candidate for Bletchley East By-election

19 June 2018

Jo Breen will be the Green Party candidate in the by-election for the Bletchley East ward of Milton Keynes Council on 19th July, 2018.

Canvassing has ended for the MK local elections on Thu 03/05/2018

05 May 2018

Milton Keynes voted for 19 councillors on Thu 03/05/2018.

Green Party transport policy - Alan Francis interviewed on radio: Platform MK (19/04/2018)

27 April 2018

Alan Francis, MK election candidate is interviewed on radio: Platform MK (19/04/2018)

Local elections press release

09 April 2018

Milton Keynes has local elections for all 19 wards on Thu 03/05/2018. Alan Francis has prepare a press release announcing a full slate of Green candidates.

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