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Alan Francis is the Green Party candidate for the Wolverton ward. He has lived and worked in Milton Keynes for over 40 years. He has been a member of New Bradwell Parish Council for over 20 years and was its chair for many years (New Bradwell is in the Wolverton ward). He was a computer graphics researcher at the Open University and has been a transport consultant. He is active in many community and environment groups including MK Forum and MK Bus User Group. He has campaigned for better bus and train services for MK and against large scale housing developments on greenfield sites around Milton Keynes.

He frequently attends meetings of Milton Keynes City Council and often speaks at them so he is familiar with current local political issues. Alan has also been involved in planning issues in the Wolverton ward including the Wolverton Neighbourhood Plan, the Wolverton station building and the Agora replacement.

Alan Francis said:

“This election will be mainly about the cost of living crisis, the Climate Emergency and Tory cuts to public services. I would want to ensure that environmental issues were not forgotten by bringing in issues such as climate change and air and water pollution wherever possible. The shambles over Brexit and the consequential turmoil in the Conservative party has shown that we need proportional representation and a written constitution.

I have campaigned about climate change for decades often raising the issue at council meetings. I was co-opted on to a MK Council committee advising and scrutinising the council’s Sustainability Action Plan. I have long campaigned against the austerity cuts, both locally in MK and nationally.”

Alan Francis was very clear in his opposition to the trial of wheelie bins, 4 different coloured ones for every house, in selected areas in Milton Keynes, including parts of New Bradwell, as a replacement for the current black and clear bag system. His opposition is based on the following points:

  • Milton Keynes Council had embarked on the trial with no prior consultation of the residents of the chosen areas or the parish councils that represent them. He pointed out that this is contrary to the parishes protocol;
  • Many areas are incompatible with wheelie bins as the residents have no storage areas for them, and if they are left on the pavements 24/7, they will cause an obstruction. Alan pointed out that in some places there would be less than a metre of pavement free for pedestrians to pass, and that this would cause a challenge for buggies and wheelchair users.

Alan also insisted that all residents should have an opt out and he urged the council to agree to that option but for two years they refused to do so. Following pressure from Alan Francis and others the council has recently changed its position and the city-wide roll-out will now allow residents of terraced houses to choose whether to have wheelie bins or plastic bags for their recycling and waste.

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