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Dominic Taylor

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Voting in Local and General elections is a very personal thing for most people so it’s not an easy thing to ask people to vote for you. I wanted to stand to represent the people of Olney and the surrounding villages, firstly because of my history with this area. I was brought up in Clifton Reynes in the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

I went to school in Olney first and Middle school. I remember the first school which is now the library, our first school trip to the Tannery, when the Coop was the only supermarket and so much more. This is still my area. Many members of my family still live here, and I had planned to bring up my young family here but it was priced out of the market.

I know things change, the town and the surrounding areas have grown beyond belief, but the infrastructure and the basic services needed to support these changes have not kept pace. This is something that we need to fix for the good of the entire area. Olney needs a louder voice in the chambers of power, and I would like to be that voice. I have also changed; I have a young family and they are growing up into a future that I am ashamed to leave them. We may not be able to make a drastic and immediate change but if we all do our little bit maybe we can change what we leave the next generation.

The Green Party is growing and hopefully, if more people like me take the step to support local people and restore and build local services with a little bit more ‘Green’ then we will all benefit. Olney needs a different focus from the norm, and I would like to try and bring it to this town and the surrounding villages.

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